the perks of being a wizard [au: hogwarts]


“Yes, that seems like the obvious thing to do.  Why didn’t you do that initially?”  It was his fault, of course, but he wouldn’t dare admit to that.  He waved his hand in the air dismissively.  “No matter.  I will take you.”

"Because you…" Rachel groaned, waving it off as well. She took in a deep breath and stood on the leg that didn’t have a shooting pain in it, clenching her fists as she limped towards Sherlock. "Are you sure? Don’t you have a class you need to get to?"

the perks of being a wizard [au: hogwarts]


He took a deep breath and crossed his arms.  After a few moments of debating whether or not to break the silence, he did.  “Fine.  Fine, I will…reinitialize our acquaintanceship.  Just don’t go off on emotion-filled tangents anymore and we will be fine.”

"Okay," Rachel promised. It would obviously be broken, but she wasn’t going to say that out loud. "Maybe I should get to Madam Pomfrey’s," she mumbled. "My leg is really starting to hurt."



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Where are you from? Im from New York.

Lima, Ohio. I know, it’s a very humble place.


berrystarryrachel replied to your post: Jim? We haven’t talked in quite some time! Sorry, I meant to talk to you a while back, but I’ve been a bit preoccupied. How are you?

Traumatized? Why?

My mum tried to give me the talk.

Jim shuddered.

… Are you serious? My dads just made me sit in front of the computer and watch a bootleg of Spring Awakening. But then again, I was 14 when I had the talk.

Ow. My back.


You can hate me, loathe me, despise me all you want.

All I did was act out of concern for you. I made a mistake. I know.

I- I didn’t think of it that-

I’m sorry.

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